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Adam Sky, top Australian DJ, dies in accident in Bali

Adam Sky, 42, was involved in a fatal accident while trying to help an injured friend in Bali. Source/Full Article: BBC

US sends aircraft carrier and bomber task force to 'warn Iran'

US officials say they are prepared to counter any attack on their forces with "unrelenting force". Source/Full Article: BBC

'Men don't care about drought as women fetch the water'

In the western Indian state of Maharashtra, water has become an election issue. Source/Full Article: BBC

Florida plane accident: Landing feature failed on aircraft

The Boeing 737 aircraft skidded on the runway and landed in a river on Friday. Source/Full Article: BBC

Why rich convicts hire prison consultants

Convict consultants help the likes of Martha Stewart and the admissions scam families navigate life behind bars. Source/Full Article: BBC

Mexico's Amlo riding high 10 months after election

Mexico's new president made ambitious promises during his campaign but is he fulfilling them? Source/Full Article: BBC

India elections 2019: The taming of the great Indian election

Over the years, colourful and boisterous campaigns have all but disappeared from the street corners. Source/Full Article: BBC

What does a biodiversity emergency mean for humans?

Hundreds of thousands of different species of animals and plants are thought to be facing extinction. Source/Full Article: BBC

Moscow plane fire: At least 41 killed on Aeroflot jet

An Aeroflot plane makes an emergency landing and bursts into flames at Sheremetyovo airport in Moscow. Source/Full Article: BBC

South Africa elections: Are crime rates rising?

There are high levels of crime in South Africa - are they getting even worse? Source/Full Article: BBC

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