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Xi Jinping in North Korea: Why China's president is visiting Kim now

As the Trump-Kim nuclear talks stall, China is upping its role in tackling the North Korea impasse. Source/Full Article: BBC

Canada resettled more refugees than any other country in 2018

The country outstripped the United States for refugee resettlement for the first time since 1980. Source/Full Article: BBC

MH17: Four charged with shooting down plane over Ukraine

The Malaysia Airlines jet came down over eastern Ukraine in July 2014, killing 298 people. Source/Full Article: BBC

Jamal Khashoggi killing: Saudi crown prince 'should face investigation'

A UN investigator says credible evidence links Mohammed bin Salman to the journalist's murder. Source/Full Article: BBC

Colombia urged to do more to protect ex-Farc rebels after killings

Some 160 ex-fighters and their relatives have been killed since the 2016 peace deal, the Farc says. Source/Full Article: BBC

Bangladesh and China power plant workers in deadly mass brawl

One Chinese worker died in a mass brawl at a China-funded power plant in the south of Bangladesh. Source/Full Article: BBC

Mohammed Morsi: Egypt accuses UN of 'politicising' death

Egypt says its former leader died of natural causes, and is critical of calls for an investigation. Source/Full Article: BBC

HK billionaire to pay $14m in tuition fees for Chinese students

Li Ka-Shing has pledged to pay tuition fees for a group of Chinese students through his foundation. Source/Full Article: BBC

When They See Us: Trump stands by 1989 Central Park Five comments

President Trump said the men wrongly jailed for an attack had "admitted their guilt". Source/Full Article: BBC

More than 70 million displaced worldwide, says UNHCR

It's the highest figure in modern history following the war in Syria and Rohingya crackdown. Source/Full Article: BBC

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