Stacey Abrams Is Wrong to Compare Bloomberg's $350-Million Spending Spree to Campaigning With a...

We are threatening to enter the age of Billionaire Benevolence. This is not a good thing for democracy. Source/Full Article: Esquire

ICE Is the Face of America to Everyone Seeking Refuge Here

It is not a pretty picture when the entire immigration bureaucracy is infused with Donald Trump's attitude. Source/Full Article: Esquire

More Than 1,100 Former Justice Department Officials Want William Barr to Resign

Hundreds of DOJ alums signed an open letter urging the Attorney General to step down over his intervention in Roger Stone's sentencing. Source/Full...

It Would Be God's Own Joke If Britain Bungled Its Way to a 32-County...

What do Ireland's election results mean for the North? Source/Full Article: Esquire

Why Would You Believe Anything William Barr Said?

Why would you believe anything that anyone in the Trump administration said about anything without independently verifying it? Source/Full Article: Esquire

So Trump Basically Confessed to the Ukraine Charges

Just in case anyone is still interested in things like presidential abuse of power. Source/Full Article: Esquire

For Some Reason, No One Trusts This President* to Go to War With Iran

Eight Republicans voted with Democrats to advance a resolution limiting Trump's war powers. Source/Full Article: Esquire

North Dakota Attacked Native Voting Rights By Weaponizing People's Poverty Against Them

Let people vote, dammit. Source/Full Article: Esquire

Lessons From Wisconsin's Scott Walker Era: If You Don't Fund Education, Schools Have No...

And then it goes to hell. Who knew? Source/Full Article: Esquire

Michael Bloomberg’s Anti-Trump Superhero Cosplay Will Only Go So Far—Right?

Like Robert Mueller and Michael Avenatti before him, the former New York mayor could be an avatar for those whose main—or only—concern is defenestrating...

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