Loss of Smell Isn't Just a Coronavirus Symptom. It Could Be Key to Slowing...

A British rhinologist explains why anosmia could be a crucial symptom of COVID-19. Source/Full Article: Esquire

Trump's Letter Should Be Put on Display in the National Archives as a Warning

It seems there are consequences to electing a game-show host and failed casino grifter to the highest political office in the land. Source/Full Article: Esquire

Robert Kraft Did a Good Thing. Now What Happens to Other States Without an...

The federal government is failing its citizens during a massive public health crisis. Source/Full Article: Esquire

COVID-19 Tests Are Headed Where They're Needed the Least and You Can Guess Why

Despite dire test shortages in areas where the virus is spreading fastest, grift wins the day. Source/Full Article: Esquire

It's Probably a Bad Sign If Your Political Success Depends on People Not Voting

In a healthy democracy, anyway. Source/Full Article: Esquire

Trump's New Somber Tone Now Extends to Saying Governors Are Ventilator Junkies

I suppose that El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago's latest tantrum on the electric Twitter machine is excusable if he was “grim-faced” when he dispatched it. Source/Full...

Brian Kemp Is What You Get When Allegiance to Trump Is All That Matters

Georgia’s Republican governor announced his reversal on social distancing policies with a stunning admission. Source/Full Article: Esquire

Thank God the Dauphin Was Around to Spearhead Our Pandemic Response

Jared Kushner brings his "iconoclastic" approach to combatting the coronavirus. Source/Full Article: Esquire

There's an Awful Lot of 'Cull the Herd' Rhetoric Floating Around These Days

Ron Johnson joins the parade of people to whom my response is: You first. Source/Full Article: Esquire

Senator Loeffler's Stock Trades Remind Us Laws and Ethics Are For Us, Not Them

Why would a sitting senator—and her husband—court trouble by engaging in individual stock transactions at all? Silly question. Source/Full Article: Esquire

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