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This Small Saucepan Is Ideal for Cooking for One

This small saucepan (only 1.5 quarts!) with lid is the source of all the best things I cook for myself. Source/Full Article: Bon Appétit

5 Sweet Potato Ideas to Shake Up Your Routine

These sweet potato ideas will make your pantry staples feel fresh, even when you're eating them on repeat. Source/Full Article: Bon Appétit

Is the Instant Pot Worth It? One Professional Chef Makes the Argument For Why...

Is the instant pot worth it? While the Instant Pot might not be good for everything, it does excel at a couple of important...

Victory Prima Pils Is My Self-Isolation Beer of Choice

I can’t visit my favorite craft breweries right now, but I can still get my hands on this. Source/Full Article: Bon Appétit

Oven-Roasted Chickpeas Are the Super Simple Snack I Turn to When I'm out of...

To make oven roasted chickpeas, all you'll need is a can of chickpeas, a baking sheet, a hot oven, and plenty of olive oil. Source/Full...

Real Outdoor Cooks Agree: This Is The Counter for Adventurous Cooking

If you’re the kind of person who finds inner peace while glazing fatty ribs on a smoke-spewing barbecue, an outdoor kitchen isn’t just an...

Haw Flakes Are the Childhood Snack I Still Crave

They’re like a cross between a Fruit Roll-Up and a Necco wafer in the best way. Source/Full Article: Bon Appétit

Spiced Lamb and Dill Yogurt Pasta

You’ll find all the flavors of Middle Eastern shish barak (tiny lamb and pine nut) dumplings here, but made simpler and brighter with help...

How to Cook With Friends When You're in Self Isolation

Start a virtual cookbook with your friends so that you can cook together even when you have to be at least six feet apart. Source/Full...

This Pasta Is So Creamy, Tangy, and Delicious, I Can Never Look at Mac...

Plus, it’s so flexible, chances are you can make it with what you already have in the house. Source/Full Article: Bon Appétit

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