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Chef Floyd Cardoz Relished Life, and Carried His Excellence With Ease

The remarkable chef died at age 59 from COVID-19. Source/Full Article: Esquire

Pasta With Tuna Is the Lazy Italian Dinner We All Need Right Now

I feed myself for days with this $5 dish from my Italian American mom. Source/Full Article: Esquire

It’s Hard to Care About Food Waste Until You Have To

Fortunately, chef and TV trailblazer Jacques Pépin showed me some tricks that have come in handy during self-isolation. Source/Full Article: Esquire

Invent a Cocktail With Weird Ingredients. It'll Be the Most Fun You Have All...

Here are eight mostly-good rules to help guide you on your journey. Source/Full Article: Esquire

How to Make a French 75

A booze-and-bubbly cocktail to knock you flat. Source/Full Article: Esquire

Cooking to Cope: Why MP Taverna’s Michael Psilakis Is Still in the Kitchen

After he was forced to close MP Taverna because of COVID-19, his team went home for the last time. But then he started cooking...

12 Mail-Order Food Sites That'll Help You Pack Your Kitchen With Interesting Ingredients

You'll elevate your cooking and support smaller businesses in the process. Source/Full Article: Esquire

How to Make an Easy, Not-Boring Lunch With That Can of Tuna in Your...

Tinned sardines, herring, mackerel, and tuna are full of potential. Source/Full Article: Esquire

Before Coronavirus, Canlis Was the Epitome of Fine Dining. Now, It’s a Damn-Good Drive-Thru.

The famously extravagant restaurant scrambled when Seattle was hit to keep its kitchen open—without a single layoff. Source/Full Article: Esquire

5 Healthier Diet Swaps That Aren't an Insult to Your Taste Buds

None of them are a kale salad. Source/Full Article: Esquire

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